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Taking Surveys for Money: Still Works?

So, if you’ve noticed the name of this website, My Survey Project has been around for over ten years. It literally started as a compilation of the latest surveys available. The first launch was in HTML 4.0.
It’s had it’s ups and downs and now, we’re on our way back up.

Back then, there were a lot of survey websites that paid significant money for your opinions. Things started to change when some marketers were just spamming your inbox and also, the popularity of Facebook took off.
Facebook’s ability to aggregate personal data into prospective buyers reduced the need for companies to pay for independent analysts to reach out to consumers. The money dried up and people became wary of dropping their email address into every form on the internet.

While the opportunities for earning money money at home have increased, there’s still a small market available for people to earn cash by taking surveys. Why do people still want to do this?
The commitment is simply giving away an email address and answering a few questions. You don’t need a degree, a high speed internet connection or be of a certain age. Since many other income opportunities have a low barrier of entry, taking surveys is a quick and easy way to scrape together some money to grab a domain and web hosting in order to launch a website.

Having said that, there is definitely a distinct difference in the types of survey sites that are available. Sign up with the wrong type of survey site and you’re left feeling ripped off. Just look at the following example:

Kat Theo spends a lot of time researching ways to make money online.
She took surveys for two hours and this is is what happened.

She talks about signing up at Swagbucks, which makes money as an affiliate by driving incentivized traffic to various offers.

These pay the least of all online surveys. Why? It’s actually a cheap way of driving traffic to affiliate offers like MaxBounty. So, let’s say there’s a publisher that will give you $1.20 for every new customer that signs up. Incentivized programs will give you points that add up to maybe $0.04 for signing up. The affiliate then makes over a dollar for each sign up.

Other strong incentives are coupons, gift cards and samples. Many of these are set up as single survey sites but many others, like Earn Honey create a social platform to encourage engagement.

Many publishers won’t allow incentivized traffic, but many do. This is why you can only complete an offer once.

Other incentivized programs are MyPoints, Inbox Dollars.
Since these pay the least, when you start signing up for survey sites, hit these sites last. That way, if you have a limited amount of time to complete the offers, you’re maximizing your return.

My Survey Project sat idle for quite a long time until a decision was made to widen the scope of the site to a larger community of people who are seeking ways to save money as well as earn money, on and offline, as a side hustle.

We’re here for your surveys and side hustle adventures.


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